Marking the Menopause: new workshop running on Wed 09/06/21 7-9pm and Sun 27/06/21 4 – 6pm

A creative mark-making workshop exploring our menopause journey and experiences. Every woman experiences this major life transition, which can have a massive impact on our physical and mental health and be experienced very differently. Yet most of us go through it without having much chance to process, reflect and discuss with other women. Hopefully this workshop offers an opportunity to do just that in a creative way, wherever you are on your menopause journey! No artistic experience needed, just a willingness to have a go with art materials. The workshop will include small zoom ‘breakout’ groups.
We’ll be making marks to reflect symptoms, our journey and feelings, and also support and self care. Working with art materials offers a way of expressing thoughts and feelings without relying on words. If you’d like a fun but meaningful space, this workshop is for you. All women of any age welcome.

Booking for 9th June:

Booking for 27th June:

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