I offer a range of creative and empowering workshops. These are described as inspiring, relaxed and thoughtful, working with low cost and easy to enjoy materials eg pastels, paint, watercolour pencils, clay, to explore self expression and/or a theme. They are mark making rather than pure art workshops, the focus being more on the process that the outcome. Examples are :

*Inspired by Nature series – connecting with and responding to Nature by exploring line, colour, shape etc. Mindful and uplifting;

*Exploring Mark making – a series of workshops enabling us to find our own mark and style using a range of media in an enjoyable and empowering way;

*One-off themed workshops – eg Exploring Transitions in our lives, Marking the Menopause, Introducing Therapeutic Arts or bespoke to fit interest of a group eg Experiences of being a carer, International Women’s Day;

*Creative sessions from 1 hour to a full day, designed specifically to the needs of teams or organisations. This may include creative team building, developing an organisation’s vision or themed workshops, using a wide range of activities drawn from therapeutic arts.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss possible workshops or to be on mailing list for these.

Feedback, videos and images from recent workshops:

Safe reflective space, eye opening, heart warming. Thank you

Thought provoking, emotional, enjoyed the activities

Sense of belonging as we all shared the same ideas, togetherness – felt we are united as a team

Relaxing, re-affirming, time to be creative


Freedom to explore

Openness to see what arose

Paced well, open hearted

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