Why Therapeutic Arts?

Therapeutic Arts includes working with: Art materials, Bodywork and breathing, Clay, Drama, Miniature figures, Movement, Music and Instruments, Poetry, Puppets.

This range of art forms facilitates connecting and working with our inner self, deep feelings and the dynamics in our lives.

When we can express our inner world outwardly, we can then step back, reflect and respond in different ways. Therapeutic Arts offer a fuller picture that allows us to get to the heart of the matter, without being reliant solely on words. Words can sometimes limit us, and not exactly express what is going on. It can be a relief and joy to find other ways.

You may be naturally drawn to certain therapeutic arts, and I will also introduce you to each one as appropriate. Certain art forms may resonate with particular issues, such as puppets for exploring roles or relationships. Even if you are not sure or clear about how to work or what to work on, we can clarify and draw things out together. More than one art form may be used within a session.