I specialise in a creative approach to supervision, for professionals interested in this form of reflective practice. I have mainly supervised practitioners within alternative health and the NHS, but welcome those from other disciplines.

Drawing on the full range of therapeutic arts’ forms allows exploration and reflection on different aspects of your practice through a dynamic, compassionate process. By developing new perspectives, you will feel more resourced and resilient.

I completed a Diploma in Casework Supervision for Counselling and the Helping Professions in 2003. I have extensive experience of supervision using this approach and have facilitated several Supervision Training courses.

I am happy to explore the suitability of remote sessions via Skype if you would prefer this method.

‘Steffie offers a dynamic, creative, tailored approach to supervision in a boundaried and safe environment. She is gentle, non-judging and kind with a capacity to sit with, to listen and observe, and to be focused yet fluid and often playful, using different and often unexpected approaches.

She makes space for the supervisee to explore in  their own way and time, and for insight and understanding to arise and emerge naturally. I always felt that she helped me to find a different view to work with’.